This is a text message reading package in which you can ask a question daily for one week and you will receive a 10 minute reading by phone text every day for seven days. This option has been requested by many people who would like daily insight and guidance on a situation that they would like daily follow ups on. Or perhaps insight on a daily basis that may bring forth some added comfort. 

Seven Day Text Message Reading Package


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    Legal Disclaimer: Due to time and energy invested in sessions, all bookings are non refundable. Readings purchased should not be substituted for medical or professional help. Please consult a doctor or a medical professional if it is needed. Please understand that you are responsible for your own outcomes resulted in your life due to your own decision making and I am not to be held liable or responsible for any situation outcome that may occur. You are in charge of your own life and my sole purpose is to provide you with the guidance and insight in which is needed at that time. 

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