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About Rachel J


As a highly gifted spiritual intuitive, my path in life has been filled with many beautiful blessings. I remember every heart I touch with my comforting insight and every life I change with my intuitive guidance. I have always had that intuitive gift since a young age but it wasn't until my father passed away while I was young that I started to truly spiritually see with my eyes and to also communicate with loved ones that have passed on. It is such an amazing gift to be able to help so many from all over the world. 

As a compassionate gifted medium, I am often connecting loved ones through beautiful strong energy in which is felt through my sessions. Even though we have loved ones in which are no longer physically with us, it does not mean that they do not still have much to say. There are so many comforting messages in which our loved ones want us to receive which I make sure a connection is made for all to receive those heart felt messages.

I was named after my grandmother and come from a family of intuitive gifted ones. I am able to see things before they occur. I am able to quickly tap into the thoughts and feelings of another. I am able to look into one's past and their present as well.. What I love about that is being able to connect strongly with someone and to guide them right in their life. Quickly realizing what I have been blessed with, I chose the path of helping others whether it is with medium channeling sessions or a spiritual intuitive session. Being able to help others quickly became a passion for me, I have never been able to walk away from someone seeking my guidance during difficult times, needing insight on the situations they were facing, or a very much needed connection to be felt with a loved one who has passed away. 

My strong spiritual visions will amaze you with details so well described as I am very detailed with what I see. I assure you that you will always receive detailed in depth insight with me. I have experienced a lot of loss in my life and have faced many obstacles of my own growing up. I never gave up on myself and never allow anyone to give up on themselves either. I work with others and even provide life coaching sessions to help those who need the right guidance in their personal, financial, romantic and spiritual aspects of their lives. I am often told I am like a therapeutic guided hand in someone's life. 

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