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"At first I was skeptical just like everyone else when it comes to people who can see and feel the past, present and future. As I was talking with Rachel, I felt something completely different. I was feeling a little uneasy knowing she may know more about me than I revealed, but I was still very much intrigued. The more she spoke, and the more she poured from her heart, I knew immediately she was REAL. There were events and scenarios she could not have possibly known about, but she was speaking from her lips to my ears. I am a true believer in Rachel, and I have listened to her many times. I took everything she said to heart and seriousness. I trust what Rachel tells me and I never doubt what she has said and what is true. Thank you Rachel!"
-Jolie F.

"Dearest Rachel, I hope you post this up on your website because I want to tell everyone what a beautiful gift you have. You brought me to tears as you described my mother that has passed away and passed on messages to me that only I would know about. It's as if my mother was sitting right there with you and I really did feel her spirit during our session. I miss her with each passing day and what's amazing about having a session with you is that you passed on messages to me that were so accurate AND in English too! My mother only spoke Spanish and I know you don't know much of the Spanish language. You told me things she would do and how she used to dress. You made me cry but in a good way with how beautiful your readings and sessions are. You are just completely amazing! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I now know where to go whenever I want to communicate with my mom."
-Lizzy A.

"Thank you So much Rachel! You have a beautiful gift and you were so on point with everything you said. God bless."          -Daniella J.

"I highly recommend Rachel. She is accurate, on point, and has a beautiful ability to see what is going on in your life. I have enjoyed hearing about my situation from her psychic point and am so glad to have found her for the much needed insight into my personal questions. Thank you Rachel for your lovely talent."         -S.B. 

WOW! You nailed it! You knew things without me having to tell you! You knew exact words that were said to me without me telling you them. Just WOW! LOVE YOU!"       -Amanda J. 

"Rachel, please post this up on your website for all to see. You have an amazing gift that cannot be described well enough. Every bit of success and happiness I have found, I have found with your help. With your guidance and insight. For that, I thank you very much. You're a beautiful person."
-Jonathan H. 

"I'm writing this testimonial in regards to Rachel. Rachel was amazing. She was very accurate and extremely patient. She took the time to really help me. She also gave me great advice on how to remove negative energy without spending a fortune. I would highly recommend a reading with Rachel. This is someone that truly has a gift and uses it to bless others."       -A.M.

"Blew me away! Really is accurate with all she sees. Leaves you speechless."

"Spot on and highly recommended. Described my past and present so accurately. Amazing!"

"Her heart is as big as the ocean. She's always there to help and her words really are comforting. Love her!"

"You're an angel Rachel! Sent from heaven to help so many who need you here. I'd be lost without you."

"I didn't share a thing with you about my grandmother yet you described her so well as if she was standing there right next to you. You left me in tears. I'll never forget that."

"This woman is worth every penny! She helped me with my finances and I'm not ashamed to say she's also helped me with my marriage. The things she knew just blew me away!!"
Peter J. 

"I can't wait until your book comes out! I can already tell that I won't be able to put it down once I start reading it. =) I love you and all you do. You are a true gem."
Stephanie H.

"Thank you Rachel for all your insight and guidance. I've already thanked my friend for telling me about you and I'm glad I came to you. You've told me what no one else did and helped me the way no one else could. You made me laugh during our session and I really have missed smiling. You gave me a piece of me back. I'll be sure to always keep in touch."
Christina B.  

"I go to sleep every night feeling like my Howard is laying there with me but was never sure it's him. Rachel described my Howard so accurately and brought tears to my eyes as she told me he stays by my side every night without me even telling her what I've felt since he passed. Rachel is an angel! I'm so blessed to have talked to her."

"If you're looking for the best then you've found the best! Rachel amazes you with details no one else gives. If you're reading this Rachel then thank you for everything!!"

"Wow! I came for a reading and was a bit skeptical but Rachel was so detailed and accurate that I'll definitely be coming back for more readings."
Robert M.

"I was blessed with a reading from Rachel. This woman is phenomenal. She gives so much detail it leaves you speechless. Her abilities are unmatched anywhere! What a blessing!" Angel 

"I love Rachel's outgoing personality and how she makes you feel comfortable during a reading with her. She's just great! Always there when I need her and always gives such accurate details. Thanks Rachel! Keep up the amazing work you do!!"
Michael C.

"Rachel has been so patient with me and so kind. She has been right about everything. I can't begin to express how happy I am to have met her. She has changed my life and has made it more positive. It's crazy how she picks up on things you don't tell her. She amazes me every time and will amaze you too!!"

"I didn't know what to expect when I scheduled a reading with Rachel but her words blew me away! She was honestly right about everything she was saying and she's got to be one of the most sweetest honest gifted psychic mediums I've ever had the pleasure of connecting with. She makes you feel so comfortable during a reading which I love. I definitely recommend her!"
Katerina C.

"If you've ever lost someone you've really loved, you know the emptiness and heartache that is felt inside. I literally felt empty for God knows how long. Talking with Rachel gave me so much comfort. It helped my heart heal a little and I now speak to her as often as possible so that I could continue having that connection with my son who has passed away. I love feeling like I could talk to him now. More importantly, Rachel lets you know the little things they do to let you know that they are around which she ends up being right about. It's so scary how good she is!"

"Pretty damn accurate that its scary! Rock on Rachel!"

"Thank you Rachel for all you have done for me. You have brought so much happiness back into my life and a sense of peace back into my heart. I am forever grateful!"
- Penelope L

"A session with Rachel is just what the heart needs. She is so compassionate and caring. Rachel took her time and helped me with everything I have been going through. There's no one else like her! Loved my session with her and look forward to many more!!"
-Alberto A

"My sister had a reading with you and said I just had to get one too. I am so happy I did. You nailed it when it came to my suspicions without me telling you and told me the truth when lies were surrounding me. Thank you for your honesty and for saving me from what could have been just problems in my life. You're great!!!"
Rosa R.
From San Diego, California 

"I admit I've been to many psychic mediums in my life but not one has been able to really shock me with accuracy the way you have Rachel. I can't imagine going to anyone else but you. You're right about every situation I am in and not to mention each one I face. You describe events, describe people. I'm not surprised you get many people saying "WOW". (: "
Daniella L. 

"Thank you Rachel for all your insight and guidance. I've already thanked my friend for telling me about you and I'm glad I came to you. You've told me what no one else did and helped me the way no one else could. You made me laugh during our session and I really have missed smiling. You gave me a piece of me back. I'll be sure to always keep in touch."
Christina B. 

"Rachel you are amazing! WOW!"
Bailey From California

"Your words really touched my heart and I thank you so much for such a beautiful reading. You're wonderful at what you do!"

"Rachel is not only unbelievably gifted, she's also unbelievably kind. You will not be disappointed with her work!" Penny- 

"Heaven must be missing an angel. Rachel is warm, compassionate and very accurate. Her accuracy takes my breath away!! It is truly scary. She knew exact words that were said to me. Thank you for sharing your gift with me."

"To get a reading from Rachel is to give your heart healing. She's amazing! I was so lost and so confused before speaking with her but after the reading I felt like a new person. She helped me so much and I am grateful for that."
Anthony Michael

"WOW! Rachel you nailed it! One of the best readings I've ever gotten! You were so detailed and accurate it left me speechless! This is why I keep coming back! You are amazing! Thank you for continuously helping me and for your honesty! What a gifted sweetheart!!!"
Maria M.

"OMG!! WOW!! Rachel is just heaven sent! An angel! She really helped me during my tough confusing times and knew things I never even mentioned to her! She's amazing and I recommend her to anyone who needs the right guidance in life. Thank you Rachel for everything."
Rebecca A.

"Thanks so much for such a detailed and accurate reading Rachel! I was very impressed. You knew so much from so little. Definitely gifted."
Adam N.

"Rachel you were right on everything you said THANK YOU! She is GREAT also kind, she makes you feel comfortable. I am def gonna come back for some more readings!"
Jennifer R.

"Your email reading was spot on! Highly recommended! :)"
Angela From NY 


"Well its hard for a guy to admit when a girl is right but you were right and well - you sure know how to get a guy to admit! Ha! So thanks for helping with all my relationship issues. Ill keep in touch!"
Paul S.

"The reading I received was definitely worth the wait! I didn't expect such a long in depth reading but that's exactly what I got and I can't even recall how many times I have read the email reading. Rachel definitely doesn't sugarcoat anything and her honesty is really appreciated. She gave me a sense of peace and is now helping me through a tough time. She is wonderful at what she does and I am so happy to be working with her. She's understanding. She's patient. I recommend her to all!"
Allison K.

"Rachel is very on target and insightful. A true visionary and is ever so kind. Thank you for all you do Rachel! You're great!"
Elise D.

"Thank you Rachel for your detailed reading. I love being able to read it over and over again in my email. So many things written are really accurate."
Jessica O.

"I love you for always being there for me and knowing just what to say to make me feel better! You're a blessing in my life."
Kelly D.


"Outstanding! You got every detail right. Now I can finally move on."

"I can see it now as you are named "Best seller" for your book, making appearances everywhere. That's how good you are. I'll be on the look out for your book so I could be one of the first people to get it. Keep up the good work Rachel. You're changing lives. God bless you."

"Thank you for connecting me with my brother. I miss him so much. I couldn't help but cry talking to you because you described family moments we've had before. I never even mentioned it so there's no way you could have known. Thank you for always being there every time I want to connect with him. I am so glad my friend recommended you to me. She told me I just had to talk to you and she was right! Thanks Rachel."

"I experienced such an accurate wonderful reading with Rachel. She was very insightful and she validated everything that's been going on with my business. She was even right when it came to who I was going to meet which I was amazed about. I give this woman not 5 but 10 stars!"
Tony M.

"I just love how your words are so accurate and so detailed. I ended up passing up the business opportunity you told me to stay away from and I can't thank you enough for saving me from what could have been a big financial mistake. You're the best!"  
Josh F. 


"I had tears in my eyes by the time my reading with Rachel was finished. I just can't believe all she knew without me telling her anything. I come back for readings with her because of how honest and kind she is. She tells you what she sees and not just what you want to hear. She is so detailed and so accurate with everything. That's what makes her so good with what she does."
Danielle N.

"What a superb reading! Rachel's reading was accurate and in depth. She even picked up on exact feelings felt at that time. She definitely puts her whole heart into her readings. Will definitely return!"
Shane R.




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